About GoMarkit

GoMarkit is a food supply and distribution platform through which small retailers, vendor and grocery shopper can generate order, made payment via their phones and those goods get delivered to their door step for much lower prices than informal markets.

How It Works

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Purchase From Farmers

GoMarKit will purchase food directly from its network of farmers.

Purchase Directly From Farmers

All the products we sell are directly bought from small farmers across the country who are part of our network, as to help the minimise loss.

Storage and Transport

We have infrastructure in place for getting the goods ready, including storage facilities and vehicles.

Storage and Transport

Goods bought from our farmers are transported directly to our storage facilities, where they are sorted, cleaned and stored in our cold storage; then use our vehicles for distribution/delivery.

Retail Market

We retail directly to small vendor, market stall and grocery shopper.


Products from our storage facilities are being small vendors, market stall and grocery shoppers in mostly major cities across the counry at very affordable costs.

Benefits And Values Of GoMarkit

Happy Customers

Hear From Our Partners

“I used to wake up as early as 4:00 am in the morning to go to the Dove Court market and wait for the trailers loaded with fruits and vegetable to come so I can buy my daily stock for my retail business. As a small retailer dealing with fresh produce this can be so cumbersome, especially when it came to highly perishable products like bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage and I have to repeat this process every single day.  But since I started working with Gomarkit, I thank God no more 4 am trips to wholesale markets and they delivered directly my stock for much lower prices than informal markets.”

Kadi Conteh, Small Retailer

“I am  Michaela Marah, I was born on 18 April 1986. I am the second born in a family of five, married with five children. I have been farming with my husband in Lungi and in Port Loko. The challenges of no capital, no access to affordable loans and most importantly the Lack of reliable markets were slowing my growth.  2 year ago, I remember having a problem delivering my goods to the local market and I almost lost half of my harvest.

Last year a friend told me about Gomarkit and their collection center in Lungi where small farmers like us will sell our products at the same price, regardless of the season. I gladly join and my 2 hectares of lettuce, tomatoes, and pepper have been produced and sold to Gomarkit this year. This helped me cut down the post-harvest loses.”

Michaela Marah, Small Scale Farmer

Our Retailers

Hawaii Mara

+232 77449263

Wilkinson Road, Front of Freetown Supermarket, Freetown.

Kadiatu Kamara

+232 77470317

Krootown Road, Freetown.

Hassatu Barrie

+232 99624818

Old Railway Line, by Lodge, Freetown

James Koroma

+232 78056577 / +23280182169

Aberdeen, Opposite Family Kingdom, Freetown.

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Team Members

Fadja D. Barry

Fadja D Barry is a strategic marketing professional with five years of experience in Network marketing and Digital communications. He has deep industry knowledge and experience in the marketing campaign, product launches, and content strategy to elevate brand profiles.

Fadja has a Master’s degree in International Relation and speaks both English & French at an advanced professional level.

Francis Bangura

A software developer, data scientist and an open source enthusiast. He has over three years of professional experience in web, apps and software development. He presently consults for ILab Sierra Leone as a developer.